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America's Army Tweak Guide

[Page 10] Console Commands

To open or close the in-game console, press the '~' key (or the key above TAB on European keyboards), or the TAB key. You can enter a range of commands in the console, and the most important of these are covered in this section. Note that some commands can only be used in multiplayer, and some can only be used in singleplayer modes.

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Common Commands

Stat FPS - Displays your frames per second

Stat Net - Shows network game play stats including Ping

Suicide - Kills your character

Open [IP address:Port] - Connect to a specific server IP. If a port isn't specified the default is 1716

Start [mapname] - Opens the specified map in offline mode

Disconnect - Disconnect from current server

Reconnect - Reconnect to the most recently joined server

Teamsay [text] - Displays your message in team chat

Say [text] - Displays your message in global chat

TTS [text] - Uses Text to Speech to speak the specified text

Netspeed [number] - Sets the network communication rate in bits per second, default is 10000

Bind [key] [value] - Will bind a command to a particular key. E.g. Bind E LeanRight will make the E key the key to use to lean to the right.

Brightness [number] - Changes the brightness level to the specified number

Contrast [number]- Changes the contrast level to the specified number

Gamma [number] - Changes the gamma level to the specified number

Exec [filename] - Executes a file in the \America's Army\System\ directory by default

FOV [number] - Changes the Field Of View to the specified number, 90 is the default

Relaunch - Relaunches the engine

Set [class variable value] - Sets a specified class and specified variable with the specified value. For example Set Input N ThrowWeapon will make using N key throw your weapon.

SetSensitivity [number] - Sets the mouse sensitivity to the specified number

Setres [WxHxD] - Sets your screen resolution to the specified width, height, and color depth

ToggleFullscreen - Toggles fullscreen mode

Flush - Flushes all caches and relights. Useful in removing any graphical glitches during the game

Quit - Exits the game to Desktop

Exit - Exits the game to Desktop

Note: For a range of additional Offline Commands, see page 5 of this guide.

Voting Commands

Votekick [playername/playernumber] [reasonnumber] - Votes to kick a particular player for a specific reason. Note that you don't need to enter the player's full name - use the Playerlist command and insert the relevant Playernumber in this command.

Playerlist - Lists all the current players on a server, and provides a playernumber next to their name which can be used in commands like Votekick.

Reasonnumber - Lists all the possible Votekick reasonnumbers. These are:

1. Player is idle

2. Player is intentionally violating ROE (note: cannot be used if player has no ROE)

3. Player has used foul or abusive language

4. Player is spamming chat

5. Player is camping

Demo Commands

(Only work in multiplayer)

Demorec [demoname] - Records a demo using the demoname you type here

Stopdemo - Stop recording a demo

Demoplay [demoname] - Plays the specified demo with the name given

DemoRecToggleSound - Toggles on/off weapon firing sound effects to prevent demo recording problems

DemoRecToggleMuzzleFlash - Toggles on/off weapon muzzle flashes to prevent demo recording problems

System Diagnostics

Stat All - Shows all stats

Stat None - Turns off all stats

Stat Audio - Shows audio stats

Stat Game - Displays game stats

Stat Hardware - Shows hardware stats

Stat Render - Displays rendering statistics

Memstat - Displays Windows memory usage

Confighash - Displays configuration info

Dumpcache - Displays the memory cache contents

GetColorDepth - Displays the maximum color depth supported by your hardware

GetCurrentColorDepth - Displays your current color depth

GetCurrentRes - Displays your current resolution

GetCurrentTickRate - Displays your current tick rate

GetMaxTickRate - Displays the maximum allowed tick rate

Obj Classes - Displays a list of object classes

Obj Garbage - Collects and purges objects no longer in use

Obj Hash - Displays object hashing statistics

Obj Linkers - Displays a list of active linkers

Debug Crash - Test crashes the game with an error

Debug Eatmem - Tests memory allocation until full

Debug GPF - Test crashes the game with a general protection fault error

Debug Recurse - Test crashes the game by infinite recursion

Report - Copies a report of the current game to clipboard

Sockets - Displays a list of sockets in use

PunkBuster Console Commands

There are a range of additional PunkBuster console commands you can use in America's Army. These aren't covered here due to space considerations, however you can see the full list of these in this section of the PunkBuster Online Manual.

America's Army Server Manager

A utility called the America's Army Server Manager is included with America's Army which makes managing servers much easier for Admins by providing an easy-to-use GUI. For full details of how to enter the AASM Utility, see the Getting Started With AA Server Manager.pdf document in your \Program Files\America's Army Server Manager\ directory. Note that you must install this utility during the initial installation of America's Army to have access to it. However if you can't find it on your machine, run the AASM17Installer.exe file found in your base \America's Army\.

Importantly for Server managers - you must open the following ports for America's Army to work correctly on your server:

UDP - 1716, 1717, 1718, 8777, 27900

TCP - 14200, 20025-20045, 20046, 20047, 20048

For a full list of all known console commands, and in particular help in undertaking complex keybindings, see the detailed Console Commands, Switches and Keybindings Help thread on the America's Army Forums.

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