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America's Army Tweak Guide

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AA Mission Editor

As of version 2.8, America's Army now includes a Mission Editor which allows users to create custom maps for the game. You can access the AA Mission Editor by using its icon placed on your Desktop after the installation of America's Army, directly from the AA Loader screen, or by going to your \Program Files\America's Army\System\ directory and running the AAEditor.exe file. The editor will take some work to use, however once you've created a custom map you can submit it to AA Mission Depot and if approved will be available for all players to download and use.

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Again, we come to the end of another TweakGuides tweak guide. Various versions of this America's Army Tweak Guide have been floating around since I originally released it on Tweaktown back in late 2002. Since then it's been updated many, many times and the current version you see before you is completely re-written and extremely refined, both from a great deal of user feedback and my now 6 years experience with the Unreal Engine, from games such as the original Unreal and Unreal Tournament, through to Unreal Tournament 2004 and games based on the same engine such as Thief: Deadly Shadows.

In any case I sincerely hope this guide has been some help to you in increasing your enjoyment of America's Army, a game which I first started playing since Version 1.2 of the game back in 2002. If you believe there are any important tweaks or information missing from the guide, or there are any inaccuracies, please Email me with the details. Note however that I can't provide any tech support.

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Be sure to check back often on this guide as it is constantly updated, and always contains the latest information on America's Army. Until next time, take care.