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Battlefield Vietnam Tweak Guide

[Page 7] Console Commands

There are a range of useful commands which can be accessed through the game console, or entered into the .con files (See Advanced Tweaking section). To open the console, press the '~' key (just below ESC). To close the console, press ~ again. You can bring up a full list of commands for each command category (Console, Game, Chat, Renderer, Admin and Debug) in the console by typing the group name (e.g. Game) and then pressing the TAB key repeatedly to first see the group list, then the correct usage of the commands.

To use a console command, type the full name of the command and the value required, e.g:

console.ShowFPS 1

will turn the FPS counter on. Using the value 0 in front of the same command will turn the FPS counter off again. This is shown as [1/0] below. String values such as [Name] or [Text] simply indicate the entry of specified text. Numeric values are usually shown as a range, or simply [Value].

In BF:V there are also a range of 'Aliases' - abbreviated versions of the more commonly used console commands below which can be used in place of the full commands. For example instead of 'console.showfps 1' to enable the FPS counter on the screen, you can use the simple alias command:


This means that FPS is the alias for console.showfps. A range of other aliases are listed in round brackets after the name of certain console commands below (e.g. console.showfps (fps)). The full list of Aliased commands can be found in the file AliasedCommands.con in your \Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\settings\ directory. If you want to change any of the existing aliased commands, or add new ones, you can edit this file and edit/insert new aliases. For example, edit the alias fps console.showfps line to alias frames console.showfps and now the command "frames 1" will bring up the fps counter.

The list of major console commands (and where relevant, aliases) for Battlefield Vietnam is provided below, grouped into the various categories. The Debug command category is not covered here as it doesn't have any real use for most players. A description of the command is also provided if known.

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console.ShowFPS (fps) [1/0] - When enabled shows your current Frames Per Second (FPS) in the top left corner of the screen

console.DrawFPSgraph [1/0] - When enabled shows a large red graph of your FPS over time if the console.ShowFPS command is also enabled.


renderer.VSyncEnabled [1/0] - Enables/Disables Vertical Sync. Performance is improved when VSync is disabled, but you may experience some screen "tearing".

renderer.ExtrapolateFrame [1/0] -

renderer.ForceSWSkinning [1/0] -


game.sayAll [String] - Says the entered text in Global chat

game.clientPunkBuster [1/0] - Turns PunkBuster on or off

game.listPlayers (lp or listplayers) - Lists players and their ID numbers

game.listMaps (lm or listmaps) - Lists the maps and number assignments in server rotation

game.voteMap (vm or votemap) [1-12] - Votes to change the map to the number specified

game.voteKickPlayer (kick) [ID] - Calls a vote to kick a player. To vote enter this command with the same number

game.voteKickTeamPlayer (kt or kickteam) [ID] - Same as above but only teammates are allowed to vote

game.TKForgive (ftk or forgive) - Forgive a TK - works only in Punish Mode

game.TKPunish (ptk or punish) - Punish a TK - works only in Forgive Mode

game.changePlayerName (name) [Name] - Renames your player in-game

game.useHUD (hud) [1/0] - Toggles the Head Up Display (HUD)

game.getIp - Displays server IP in the message window

game.getLevelName - Displays the name of the level

game.buddyList (buddylist) - Prints a list of your current buddies

game.addPlayerToBuddyList (ab or addbuddy) [ID] - Add a user (specified by ID) to the buddy list

game.removePlayerFromBuddyList (rb or removebuddy) [ID] - Removes a user (specified by ID) from the buddy list

game.addPlayerToBuddyListByName [Name] - Add a user (specified by name) to the buddy list

game.removePlayerFromBuddyListByName [Name] - Removes a user (specified by name) from the buddy list

game.suicide (suicide) - Kills your character

game.enableFreeCamera (freecam) [1/0] - Enable/disable the ability to look around while waiting to spawn

game.FreeCameraBaseSpeed [value] - If free camera is enabled, sets the free camera base movement speed

game.FreeCameraSlowSpeed [value] - If free camera is enabled, sets the free camera slow movement speed

game.FreeCameraFastSpeed [value] - If free camera is enabled, sets the free camera fast movement speed

game.setLoadingLeftText [Text] -

game.setLoadingLeftTitle [Text] -

game.setLoadingRightText [Text] -

game.setLoadingRightTitle [Text] -

game.setLoadingLeftPosition [Pos] -

game.setLoadingRightPosition [Pos] -


chat.addToIgnoreList (ignore) [ID] - Ignores a specific user's chatting

chat.removeFromIgnoreList (unignore) [ID] - Stop ignoring a specific user's chatting

chat.ignoreList (ignorelist) - Returns the list of ignored players

chat.setChatHistory (textsizes) [1-12] [1-12] [1-12] - Sets the no of lines for all 3 message displays at once

chat.chatMessageSize (chattext) [1-12] - No. of lines for chat messages display

chat.gameInfoMessageSize (flagtext) [1-12] - No. of lines for game info display

chat.killMessageSize (killtext) [1-12] - No. of lines for kills info display

chat.chatInfo (textinfo) - Returns status on how many lines each message window is using

chat.ignoreRadioText[1/0] - If 1, No radio text is printed

chat.ignoreRadioAudio [1/0] - If 1, No radio sounds are played

chat.setIgnoreRadioAudioAndText [1/0] - If 1, both radio sounds and radio text is suppressed

chat.getIgnoreRadioAudioAndText - Prints status for these settings

chat.oldChatListStyle (oldtext) [1/0] - If set to 1, the BF1942 v1.2-style message window model is used

chat.oldchatListHistory (oldtextsize) [1/0] - No. of rows used if the old message window model is used


admin.spawnDelayPenaltyForTK [Value] - The number of extra spawn waves applied

admin.nrOrTKToKick [Value] - The number of punished TKs before being kicked

admin.banPlayerOnTKKick [1/0] - When set to 1, players are also banned when kicked for TK

admin.tkPunishMode [1/0] - 0: Punish Mode - Players are punished by default, until the victim forgives the TK, 1: Forgive Mode - Players are forgiven by default, until the victim punishes the TK

admin.getRemoteConsoleEnabled - Displays whether remote console is enabled

admin.enableRemoteConsole [username] [password] - Enables remote access to a BF:V Server

admin.disableRemoteConsole - Disables remote access to a BF:V Server

admin.enableRemoteAdmin [password] - Allows a Remote Admin to log into a server

admin.disableRemoteAdmin - Disables a Remote Admin logging into a server

admin.execremotecommand ["command"] - Executes a command (such as those listed here) from remote Admin. Make sure to use "" (quote) marks around commands

admin.maxAllowedConnectionType [type] (Sets the highest connection type (1-4) allowed to join the server)

admin.voteMapMajority [0-1.0] - Percentage of voters required to change a Map

admin.voteKickPlayerMajority [0-1.0] - As above for Votekicks

admin.voteKickTeamPlayerMajority [0-1.0] - As above for Team Votekicks

admin.enableMapVote [1/0] - Enables/Disables Map voting

admin.enableKickPlayerVote [1/0] - As above for Votekicks

admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote [1/0] - As above for Team Votekicks

admin.votingTime [Time] - Number of seconds during which players can vote

admin.banTime [Time] - Length of time a banned player cannot join server

admin.kickPlayer [ID] - Kicks the player with the ID you specify

admin.kickPlayerByName [Name] - Kicks the player with the name you specify

admin.banPlayer [ID] - Admin permanent Votekick (ban) of player

admin.addAddressToBanList [IP] - Adds a player's IP address to banned list

admin.removeAddressFromBanList [IP] - Removes a player's IP address from banned list

admin.listBannedAdresses - Lists all banned IPs

admin.clearBanList - Clears all banned IPs

admin.banPlayerKey [Key] - Admin permanent Votekick (ban) of player's CD Key

admin.addKeyToBanList [Key] - Adds a player's CD Key to banned list

admin.removeKeyFromBanList [IP] - Removes a player's CD Key from banned list

admin.listBannedKeys - Lists all banned CD Keys

admin.changeMap [map name] - Admin changes map to name specified

admin.tagPlayerId [ID] -

admin.bandWidthChokeLimit [Value] -

admin.allowNoseCam [1/0] - Allows/disallows players to turn off HUD and switch to nose view while flying

admin.externalviews [1/0] - Allows/disallows external camera view and nose cam

admin.CrossHairCenterPoint -

admin.togglegamepause [1/0] - Allows/disallows game to be paused

admin.setTicketRatio [Ratio] - Sets the death ticket ratio

admin.autoBalanceTeam [1/0] - Enables/Disables Auto team-balancing when teams are uneven

admin.delayBeforeStartingGame [Time] - Time delay before a game starts

admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame [Time] - Time delay before a new round starts

admin.serverMessage -

admin.soldierFFRatio [Ratio] - The ratio of damage (e.g. 0.5=50%) done by Friendly Fire

admin.vehicleFFratio [Ratio] - As above for vehicle FF

admin.soldierFFRatioOnSplash [Ratio] - As above for weapon splash damage

admin.vehcileFFRatioOnSplash [Ratio] - As above for vehicle FF splash damage

admin.kickBack [Value] - How far player is kicked back when hit

admin.kickBackOnSplash [Value] - As above for splash damage

admin.timeLimit [Time] - Time limit for match

admin.scoreLimit [Value] - Score limit for match

admin.restartMap - Restarts current map

admin.setNextLevel [Mapname] - Sets the next map to load after current map ends

admin.timeBeforeRestartMap [Time] - How much time until the map restarts

admin.SetNrOfRounds [Value] - Sets the number of rounds

admin.timeToNextWave [Time] -

admin.spawnWaveTime [Time] -

That's the full list of console commands in Battlefield Vietnam. If you are aware of any additional console commands, or descriptions for undescribed commands above Email Me

The next section wraps up the guide with some neat stuff, concluding words and links to important BF:V resources.