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STALKER: Clear Sky Tweak Guide

[Page 8] Advanced Tweaking (Pt.2)

Console Commands

The command console in STALKER: Clear Sky can be opened and closed at any time by pressing the '~' key (the key below ESC). This console is an area which allows you to enter a range of commands, for the purposes of adjusting the game engine's parameters. Most console commands are also used in the User.ltx file as covered on the previous page. So the best method to implement an advanced feature is to first test a command in the console, fine tune the value you may wish to use for that command, then if you wish to use it permanently, edit your User.ltx file accordingly if the change hasn't already been stored there (see below).

The procedure to use a console command is simple - enter the relevant command followed by a space, then the appropriate value. For example entering the following command in the console:

r2_tf_mipbias 0.5

Tells the game engine to assign a value of 0.5 to the variable r2_tf_mipbias. The impact of this change should be immediately visible on screen. If you just want to know what the current value of a command variable is, enter its name without any added value (e.g. just enter r2_tf_mipbias to see its current value).

Importantly: Entering new values for variables in the console will usually automatically write the change to your User.ltx file, meaning it will be implemented permanently and used each time you start Clear Sky. So make sure to backup your User.ltx first before messing around in the console, and ideally first check the current value for a variable and note it down before testing new values in case you want to quickly get back to the original value.

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The full list of console commands for Clear Sky is provided further below in alphabetical order, along with descriptions wherever possible. Some important things to note about this list:

  • You can use the Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll through text in the console.
  • Detailed descriptions for most of the useful console commands are already provided on the previous page, as the User.ltx settings and the console commands of the same name operate exactly the same way.
  • Changing a variable in the console can become permanent since it is written to your User.ltx file. Make sure to set a variable back to its default or desired setting, or restore your backed up User.ltx file afterwards if you just want to experiment and not keep your changes.
  • Many of the commands are the same as Shadow of Chernobyl, however commands which are new to Clear Sky are marked as New.

  • _preset [Minimum, Low, Default, High, Extreme] - Same as the in-game Quality Settings option.

    ai_use_torch_dynamic_lights [on, off] - Same as the in-game NPC Flashlights option.

    beclient -

    bemsg [0,1] -

    beserver -

    bind [action,key] - Binds an action to a particular primary key.


    bind_list - Lists current key bindings.

    bind_sec [action,key] - Binds an action to a secondary key.

    cam_inert [0.000,1.000] - Controls camera inertia.

    cam_slide_inert [0.000,1.000]


    cfg_load [filename.ltx] - Loads a configuration file with the specified name from the same directory as User.ltx.

    cfg_save [filename.ltx] - Saves current configuration to a new .ltx file with the specified name in the same directory as User.ltx.



    cl_cod_pickup_mode [0,1]

    cl_dynamiccrosshair [on,off] - Same as in-game Dynamic Crosshair option.




    clear_log New

    demo_play [demoname] - Plays back a pre-recorded timedemo.

    demo_record [demoname] - Records a timedemo.

    demo_set_cam_position [0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000] - New

    disconnect - Exists current game to main menu.

    flush - Creates log of actions under the \STALKER-STSC\logs directory.

    g_always_run [on,off] - Toggles always run/always walk.

    g_autopickup [on,off]

    g_backrun [on,off]

    g_corpsenum [0,100]

    g_dynamic_music [on,off] - Same as in-game Dynamic Music option. New

    g_eventdelay [0,1000]

    g_game_difficulty (gd_novice,gd_stalker,gd_veteran,gd_master) - Same as in-game Difficulty option.




    g_swapteams - Swap team for artefacthunt game.

    get_server_address - Lists server's IP address.

    help - Lists all console commands.

    hide - Hides console. New

    hud_crosshair [on,off] - Same as in-game Show Crosshair option.

    hud_crosshair_dist [on,off] - Same as in-game Crosshair Target Distance option.

    hud_info [on,off] - Same as in-game NPC Identification option.

    hud_weapon [on,off] - Same as in-game Show Weapon option.


    list_actions - Lists all bindable character actions.

    load [savename] - Loads the saved game with the name specified.

    load_last_save - Loads last saved game

    main_menu - Takes you straight to the game's main menu screen.

    mm_mm_net_srv_dedicated [on,off]

    mm_net_con_publicserver [on,off]

    mm_net_con_spectator [1,32]

    mm_net_con_spectator_on [on,off]


    mm_net_filter_empty [on,off]

    mm_net_filter_full [on,off]

    mm_net_filter_listen [on,off]

    mm_net_filter_pass [on,off]

    mm_net_filter_wo_ff [on,off]

    mm_net_filter_wo_pass [on,off]

    mm_net_player_name [String]

    mm_net_srv_gamemode [st_deathmatch,st_team_deathmatch,st_artefacthunt,st_capture_theartefact]

    mm_net_srv_maxplayers [2,32]

    mm_net_srv_name [String]

    mm_net_srv_reinforcement_type [0,2]

    mm_net_use_battleye [on,off] -

    mm_net_weather_rateofchange [0.000,100.000]

    mouse_invert [on,off] - Same as in-game Invert Mouse option.

    mouse_sens [0.050,0.6000] - Same as in-game Mouse Sensitivity option.

    name [String] - Sets your Player Name.


    net_cl_icurvesize [0,2000]

    net_cl_icurvetype [0,2]

    net_cl_interpolation [-1.000,1.000]

    net_cl_log_data [on,off]


    net_compressor_enabled [0,1]

    net_compressor_gather_stats [0,1]

    net_compressor_status [info,info_full,on,off]

    net_dbg_dump_ export_obj [0,1]

    net_dbg_dump_import_obj [0,1]

    net_dbg_dump_update_read [0,1]

    net_dbg_dump_update_write [0,1]

    net_dedicated_sleep [0,64]


    net_sv_gpmode [0,2]

    net_sv_log_data [on,off]

    net_sv_pending_lim [0,10]

    net_sv_update_rate [1,100]


    ph_iterations [15,50]

    quit - Exits game to Desktop.

    r1_dlights [on,off] - Toggles dynamic lights, only impacts on torchlight.

    r1_dlights_clip [10.000,150.000] - Sets dynamic light clip range.

    r1_fog_luminance [0.200,5.000] - New

    r1_glows_per_frame [2,32] - Controls maximum number of light sources.

    r1_lmodel_lerp [0.000,0.333] - Controls the Linear Interpolation of lighting.

    r1_no_detail_textures [on,off] - Same as in-game Disable Detail Textures setting. New

    r1_pps_u [-1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.

    r1_pps_v [-1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.

    r1_ssa_lod_a [16.000,96.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

    r1_ssa_lod_b [16.000,64.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

    r1_tf_mipbias [-0.500,0.500] - Controls mipmap LOD bias which affects texture clarity.

    r2_aa [on,off] - Toggles fake Antialiasing blur effect.

    r2_aa_break [0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000] - Controls extent of fake AA.

    r2_aa_kernel [0.300,0.700] - Controls overall blurriness of fake AA.

    r2_aa_weight [0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000] - More precisely controls bluriness of fake AA.

    r2_allow_r1_light [on,off] - Allows DX8 lighting under DX9 lighting model.

    r2_detail_bump [on,off] - Same as in-game Detail Bump setting. New

    r2_dof [-10000.000000,10000.000000][-10000.000000,10000.000000][-10000.000000,10000.000000] - Controls Depth of Field effect. New

    r2_dof_enable [on,off] - Same as in-game Depth of Field setting. New

    r2_dof_far [0.000,10000.000] - Controls Depth of Field effect on distant objects. New

    r2_dof_focus [-10000.000,10000.000] - Determines area of Depth of Field which is in focus. New

    r2_dof_kernel [0.000,10.000] - Controls overall level of Depth of Field blur. New

    r2_dof_near [-10000.000,10000.000] - Controls Depth of Field effect on nearby objects. New

    r2_dof_sky [-10000.000,10000.000] - Controls Depth of Field effect on the sky. New

    r2_exp_donttest_shad [on,off] - New

    r2_gi [on,off] - Toggles Global Illumination.

    r2_gi_clip [0.000,0.100] - Controls Global Illumination clip distance.

    r2_gi_depth [1,5] - Controls Global Illumination shadow depth.

    r2_gi_photons [8,256] - Controls Global Illumination effect.

    r2_gi_refl [0.001,0.990] - Controls Global Illumination reflectivity.

    r2_gloss_factor [0.000,10.000] - Sets level of Specularity/gloss of objects.

    r2_ls_bloom_fast [on,off] - Toggles enhanced Bloom effect.

    r2_ls_bloom_kernel_b [0.010,1.000] - Determines level of haze from HDR/Bloom effect.

    r2_ls_bloom_kernel_g [1.000,7.000]

    r2_ls_bloom_kernel_scale [0.500,2.000]

    r2_ls_bloom_speed [0.000,100.000]

    r2_ls_bloom_threshold [0.000,1.000] - Controls overall level of the lighting effect used.

    r2_ls_depth_bias [-0.500,0.500] - Controls how far visible light sources shine.

    r2_ls_depth_scale [0.500,1.500] - Controls the impact of lighting on shadows.

    r2_ls_dsm_kernel [0.100,3.000]

    r2_ls_psm_kernel [0.100,3.000]

    r2_ls_squality [0.500,1.000] - Same as in-game Shadow Quality option.

    r2_ls_ssm_kernel [0.500,1.000]

    r2_mblur [0.000,1.000] - Controls Motion Blur effect. Only works if -mblur switch is also enabled, doesn't work in Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting modes.

    r2_parallax_h [0.000,0.500] - Controls Parallax Mapping which affects texture surface depth; not the same as Steep Parallax.

    r2_slight_fade [0.200,1.000] - Same as in-game Lighting Distance option.

    r2_soft_particles [on,off] - Same as in-game Soft Particles option.

    r2_ssa_lod_a [16.000,96.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

    r2_ssa_lod_b [32.000,64.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

    r2_ssao [st_opt_off,st_opt_low,st_opt_medium,st_opt_high] - Same as in-game SSAO option. New

    r2_ssao_blur [on,off] - New

    r2_steep_parallax [on,off] - Same as in-game Steep Parallax option. New

    r2_sun [on,off] - Same as in-game Sun Shadow option.

    r2_sun_depth_far_bias [-0.500,0.500]

    r2_sun_depth_far_scale [0.500,1.500]

    r2_sun_depth_near_bias [-0.500,0.500]

    r2_sun_depth_near_scale [0.500,1.500]

    r2_sun_details [on,off]

    r2_sun_far [51.000,180.000] - Controls strength of sunlight. New

    r2_sun_focus [on,off]

    r2_sun_lumscale [-1.000,3.000] - Brightness of Sun's light.

    r2_sun_lumscale_amb [0.000,3.000] - Brightness of ambient light from Sun.

    r2_sun_lumscale_hemi [0.000,3.000]

    r2_sun_near [1.000,50.000]

    r2_sun_near_border [0.500,1.000]

    r2_sun_quality [st_opt_low,st_opt_medium,st_opt_high] - Same as in-game Sun Quality option. New

    r2_sun_shafts [st_opt_off,st_opt_low,st_opt_medium,st_opt_high] - Same as in-game Sun Rays option. New

    r2_sun_tsm [on,off]

    r2_sun_tsm_bias [-0.500,0.500]

    r2_sun_tsm_proj [0.001,0.800]

    r2_tf_mipbias [-0.500,0.500] - Controls mipmap LOD bias which affects texture clarity.

    r2_tonemap [on,off] - Toggles Tone Mapping effect for the HDR lighting.

    r2_tonemap_adaptation [0.010,10.000]

    r2_tonemap_amount [0.000,1.000]

    r2_tonemap_lowlum [0.000,1.000] - Controls effect of tone mapping on darker areas.

    r2_tonemap_middlegray [0.000,2.000] - Controls overall look of HDR effect.

    r2_volumetric_lights [on,off] - Same as in-game Volumetric Light option. New

    r2_wait_sleep [0,1]

    r2_zfill [on,off]

    r2_zfill_depth [0.001,0.500]

    r2em [0.000,4.000]

    r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces [on,off] - Same as in-game Wet Surfaces option. New

    r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_far [30.000,100.000] - Controls Wet Surfaces effect on distant objects. New

    r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_near [10.000,70.000] - Controls Wet Surfaces effect on nearby objects. New

    r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_sm_res [64,2048] - Controls resolution of Wet Surfaces effect. New

    r3_gbuffer_opt [on,off] - Controls potential g-buffer optimization. New

    r3_msaa [st_opt_off,2x,4x,8x] - Determines whether MultiSampling AA is allowed in DX10 mode, and the sample rate. New

    r3_volumetric_smoke [on,off] - Same as in-game Volumetric Smoke option. New

    r__detail_density [0.200,0.600] - Same as in-game Grass Density option.

    r__dtex_range [5.000,175.000] - Controls distance at which Detail Textures are visible. New

    r__geometry_lod [0.100,1.200] - Same as in-game Object Detail option.

    r__supersample [1,8] - Same as in-game Antialiasing option.

    r__tf_aniso [1,16] - Same as in-game Anisotropic Filtering option.

    r__wallmark_ttl [1.000,300.000] - Determines length of time decals remain visible. New


    renderer [renderer_r1,renderer_r2a,renderer_r2,renderer_r2.5,renderer_r3] - Same as in-game Render option.

    rs_c_brightness [0.500,1.500] - Same as in-game Brightness option.

    rs_c_contrast [0.500,1.500]- Same as in-game Contrast option.

    rs_c_gamma [0.500,1.500]- Same as in-game Gamma option.

    rs_cam_pos [on,off] - New

    rs_fullscreen [on,off] - Same as in-game Full Screen option.

    rs_refresh_60hz [on,off] - Same as in-game Frequency 60Hz option.

    rs_stats [on,off] - Toggles display of game engine statistics, including FPS.

    rs_v_sync [on,off]- Same as in-game Vertical Sync option.

    rs_vis_distance [0.400,1.500]- Same as in-game Vision Distance option.

    save [savename] - Saves the current game under the name specified (default is quicksave).

    screenshot [1] - Saves a JPG screenshot under the \STALKER-STCS\screenshots directory.

    snd_acceleration [on,off] - Toggles hardware sound acceleration.

    snd_cache_size [4,32] - Sets size of sound cache.

    snd_efx [on,off] - Toggles Sound Effects on or off.

    snd_restart - Restarts the sound engine; should be used after altering any snd_ variables.

    snd_targets [4,32] - Sets the maximum number of channels for audio.

    snd_volume_eff [0.000,1.000] - Same as in-game SFX Volume option.

    snd_volume_music [0.000,1.000]- Same as in-game Music Volume option.


    stat_memory - Toggles the display of memory-related statistics for the game engine.

    sv_activated_return [0,1]


    sv_anomalies_enabled [0,1]

    sv_anomalies_length [0,180]

    sv_artefect_respawn_delta [0,600]

    sv_artefact_returning_time [0,300] New

    sv_artefact_spawn_force [0,1]

    sv_artefact_stay_time [0,180]

    sv_artefacts_count [1,100]

    sv_auto_team_balance [0,1]

    sv_auto_team_swap [0,1]

    sv_banplayer [name]

    sv_banplayer_ip [IP]

    sv_bearercantsprint [0,1]




    sv_client_reconnect_time [0,60]

    sv_console_update_rate [1,100]

    sv_dedicated_server_update_rate [1,1000]

    sv_dmgblockindicator [0,1]

    sv_dmgblocktime [0,600]


    sv_dump_online_statistics_period [0,60]

    sv_forcerespawn [0,3600]

    sv_fraglimit [0,100]

    sv_friendly_indicators [0,1]

    sv_friendly_names [0,1]

    sv_friendlyfire [0.000,2.000]

    sv_hail_to_winner_time [0,60]

    sv_invincible_time [0,60] New





    sv_max_ping_limit [1,2000]



    sv_pda_hunt [0,1]


    sv_reinforcement_time [-1,3600]

    sv_remove_corpse [-1,1]

    sv_remove_weapon [-1,1]


    sv_returnplayers [0,1]

    sv_rpoint_freeze_time [0,60000]



    sv_shieldedbases [0,1]

    sv_show_player_scores_time [1,20] New

    sv_spectr_firsteye [0,1]

    sv_spectr_freefly [0,1]

    sv_spectr_freelook [0,1]

    sv_spectr_lookat [0,1]

    sv_spectr_teamcamera [0,1]


    sv_statistic_collect [0,1]



    sv_teamkill_limit [0,100]

    sv_teamkill_punish [0,1]

    sv_timelimit [0,180]


    sv_vote_enabled [0,255]

    sv_vote_participants [0,1]

    sv_vote_quota [0.000,1.000]

    sv_vote_time [0.500,10.000]


    sv_warm_up [0,3600]

    texture_lod [0,4] - Same as in-game Texture Detail option.

    unbind [action] - Unbinds any primary keys from the specified action.


    unbind_sec [action] - Unbinds any secondary keys from the specified action.

    unbindall - Unbinds all keys from all actions.

    vid_mode [WxH] - Same as in-game Resolution option.

    vid_restart - Restarts the graphics engine.

    wpn_aim_toggle [0,1] - Toggles Weapons Zoom aiming. New

    For the most part all the useful and most important console commands are described above and in much more detail on the previous page, especially the commands new to Clear Sky. However if a description for an important command is missing or wrong, please Email Me with the details (please, no guesses). In general I've left some of the more obvious and/or less useful console commands without a description, and of course there are a few commands for which I don't know the precise functionality.

    The next page completes the Advanced Tweaking with Command Line Switches.