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Welcome to TweakGuides

Hi there, my name's Koroush Ghazi and I'm the author of the information you see on this site. I set up in 2004 as a central location for PC users to come and quickly find comprehensive guides on a variety of topics. For the story of how the site came to be, see the TweakGuides Nostalgia page.

What's tweaking? Tweaking is about getting the most from your system, whether top of the range or a budget PC. Tweaking is about understanding and customizing all of the settings in a game, application or Windows to make things run as fast as possible, as smoothly as possible, with maximum stability. A 'tweak guide' helps explain how to do this, and importantly, also gives you more information about how your software and hardware works in general.

If you have any constructive feedback, or just want to say Hi, then go ahead and Email Me, or get in touch via Twitter, and I'll reply. But keep in mind that I can't provide any personal tech support or individualized tweaking or purchasing advice. Also, all content is protected under International Copyright laws. You're welcome to link to any page, but please don't reproduce anything more than one or two paragraphs of the contents.

The site will always remain free to all users, and as of late 2019, we are now also 100% advertisement, cookie and tracker-free. If you find the site useful, please donate to help me continue my work.

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Koroush Ghazi