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Fallout 3 Tweak Guide

[Page 11] Console Commands

Aside from .ini tweaking, one of the other ways you can adjust various engine parameters dynamically is to use the Command Console available in Fallout 3. To activate the in-game console, the bAllowConsole variable in your Fallout.ini file must be set to =1, which it should be by default (See Advanced Tweaking section). Next, start Fallout 3, and to open or close the console at any time, press the '~' key (the key above TAB). This may vary on some european keyboards, in which case try the ' button, or the button next to 1.

Whenever the console is open, the game will be paused, and your HUD will also temporarily disappear. There should be a cursor prompt shown in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and if you type anything the text will start appearing at that prompt. If you can't see the cursor prompt and/or portions of the text you are typing, then the cursor is positioned somewhere to the far bottom left off the edge of the screen. You will need to edit your Fallout.ini file to reposition the console cursor to make it visible, using the iConsoleTextYPos and iConsoleTextXPos variables as covered in the Advanced Tweaking section.

Once the console is open and visible, you can type in any of the console commands below, either in long form or using the short form if one is provided (in brackets). For example, you can either type in togglewireframe or twf and press ENTER, and the command to turn wireframe mode on/off will be executed. You can also scroll through recently used commands by using the Up Arrow key. See the next page for detailed instructions on how to use some of the more useful console and script commands.

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Below are all the main console commands for Fallout 3 in alphabetical order in the format: Fullname (shortname) - Description. The descriptions provided are simply those that the developers have written with a few minor modifications by me. Note that there are also a range of Script Commands which you can also use in the console, however these are not reproduced here, and the most useful of them is covered on the next page.

AddDecal -

AddFaceAnimNote (afan) -

AddOcclusionPlane (aop) - Add Occlusion plane (x size, y size).

BeginTrace (bt) - Creates a trace file (Xenon only).

BetaComment (bc) - Add comment to [General] 'sBetaCommentFile' file.

CalcLowPathToPoint (lp2p) - ignore locks, allow disabled doors, ignore min use.

CalcPathToPoint (p2p) -

CenterOnCell (coc) -

CenterOnExterior (coe) -

CenterOnWorld (cow) - [e.g. COW worldname -10 5]

ClearAdaptedLight (cal) - Clears the HDR adapted light texture.

ClearLocationMarkers (clm) -

ClearScreenBlood (csb) - Clear screen blood.

CloseAllMenus (cam) - Closes all open menus.

CloseFile -

CompleteAllQuestStages (caqs) - Sets all quest stages

CopySaves - Copy save games from the host machine or a memory stick (ms).

DamageWeapon -

DeactivateAllHighlights (dah) - Remove all VATS highlights.

DebugCombatPlan (dcp) - Debugs the combat plan on an actor.

DebugMilesPS3 (dm3) - Enumerates Miles samples and streams.

DeleteReference (zap) - Deletes the specified object ref.

DrawSkeleton (das) - Enables skeleton drawing.

DumpMenuPackingInfo (dpmi) - Dump menu packing information.

DumpModelMap (dmm) - Dump model map contents to file.

DumpNiUpdates (dnu) - Dumps the next frame's calls to NiNode/NiAVObject::UpdateDownwardPass to NiDump*.xls (only Debug/PIX 360 builds).

DumpTexturePalette (dtp) - Dump texture palette contents to file.

EvalActorTextures (eat) -

FlushNonPersistActors (flush) - Deletes all the actors in High who are not persistant.

ForceFileCache (ffc) - Enumerates Miles samples and streams.

ForceGroupStrategy (fgs) - Forces a combat group strategy.

ForceRSXCrash (frsx) - Forces an RSX crash.

FreezeRenderAccumulation (fra) - Only re-render geometry visible during this frame.

GetActorValueInfo (getavinfo) - Get detailed an actor value info [e.g. player.getav luck].

GetINISetting (getini) - [e.g. Getini "setting:category"].

GetWeaponHealth -

HairTint - [e.g. Hairtint R,G,B].

Help - Show console help.

HighlightAdditionalReference (har) - Highlight a reference.

HighlightBodyPart (hbp) - Highlight body part.

IgnoreRenderPass (irp) - Ignore the given renderpass.

LoadGame (load) - [e.g. LoadGame filename].

ModifyFaceGen (mfg) - Modify FaceGen Functionality.

ModWaterShader (mws) - Modifies water shader settings.

MovePipboyKnob (mpk) - Move pipboy knob.

MoveToQuestTarget (movetoqt) - Move player to current quest target (optional param: target number).

OutputArchiveProfile (oap) - Output Archive profile info to a file.

OutputLocalMapPictures (olmp) - Writes out the current local map.

OutputMemContexts (omc) - Output Mem Context info to a file.

OutputMemStats (oms) - Output Mem Stats info to a file.

OutputMemStats (omsfw) - Output Mem Stats info to a file.

OutputTextureUseMap (otum) - Writes out texture use map data to file.

PickRefByID (prid) - Select a reference by id for the console.

PlaceLocationMarker (plm) - PlaceLocationMarker x y z (optional name) (optional color ).

PlayerSpellBook (psb) - Add all spells to player.

PlayExplosion - Plays explosion seq in selected obj.

PlayVATSCameras (pvc) - Play this set of VATS cameras for the next VATS playback.

PrintAiList (pai) - Printed Ai Lists.

PrintHDRParam (php) - Prints current HDR settings.

PrintNPCDialog (pdialog) - Prints NPC dialog.

QuitGame (qqq) - Exit game to desktop without going through menus.

RefreshINI (refini) - Refresh INI settings from file.

RefreshShaders (rs) - Reload HLSL shaders from disk.

ReloadCurrentClimate (rcc) - Reloads values from the current climate.

ReloadCurrentWeather (rcw) - Reloads values from the current weather.

RenderTestCell (rtc) - Runs Render Test on player's current parent cell.

RenderTestHere (rth) - Runs Render Test on player's current position.

ResetAllTerminals (rat) - Debug resets all hacked/locked terminals.

ResetDialogueFlags (rdf) - Debug resets SayOnce, TalkedToPc, etc.

ResetMemContexts (rmc) - Reset Max Mem Contexts.

ResetPerformanceTimers (rpt) - Resets the performance timers.

RevertWorld (rw) - Revert the world.

RunCellTest (rct) - Runs a cell test.

RunMemoryPass (rmp) - Runs a cleanup memory pass.

SaveGame (save) - [e.g. SaveGame filename].

SaveIniFiles (saveini) - Writes all the .ini files.

SaveWorld - [e.g. SaveWorld filename].

ScreenBloodTest (tsbtest) - Toggle screen blood debugging.

SendSherlockDebugText (ssdt) -

SetCameraFOV (fov) - Change the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75.

SetClipDist - Set new clip distance with floating point value.

SetCombatActionCost (scc) - Sets the cost on a combat action.

SetConsoleOuputFile (scof) - Sets the given file as target for console output.

SetDebugText (sdt) - Sets which debug text is shown.

SetDepthOfFieldRange (sdofr) - Sets Depth of Field range.

SetEmitterParticleMax - Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by a non-master particle system emitter.

SetFog - Set fog with floating point values; start and end depths.

SetGameSetting (setgs) -

SetGamma (sg) - Sets new gamma ramp.

SetGlobalRadialBlur (sgrb) - Set parameters for the global radial blur.

SetHDRParam (shp) - Sets various values for the HDR shader.

SetHudGlowConstants (shgc) - Set parameters for HUD glow.

SetImageSpaceGlow (sisg) -

SetImageSpaceModifiersEnable (sisme) - Set imagespace modifiers enable: 0-Off, 1-On.

SetINISetting (setini) - [e.g. SetIni "setting:category" value].

SetLightingPasses (slp) - Set lighting passes with amb, diff, tex, spec toggle values set 0 or 1.

SetLODObjectDistance (slod) -

SetMaxAniso - Sets Depth of Field focal distance.

SetMotionBlur (smb) - Set the motion blur params.

SetMPSParticleMax - Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by master particle system emitter set.

SetSkyParam (ssp) - Sets various values for the sky.

SetTargetDOF (stdof) - Sets the depth of field based on the target.

SetTargetFalloff (stfo) - Sets the falloff of the target.

SetTargetRefraction (str) - Sets the refractive value of the target.

SetTargetRefractionFire (strf) - Sets the refractive fire value of the target.

SetTaskThreadSleep - Sets the task thread sleep value (-1 to disable).

SetTaskThreadUpdateSleep - Sets the task thread update sleep value (-1 to disable).

SetTerminalMenuPos (stmp) -

SetTreeMipmapBias (stmb) - Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards.

SetUFOCamSpeedMult (sucsm) - Set speed mult for UFO cam.

SetVel - Sets Velocity on a reference.

Show (tst) - Show global scripts and variables.

Show1stPerson (s1st) - Show the 1st person Model from the 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person mode it will show both.

ShowAnim (sa) - Show Animation and Actor status.

ShowFullQuestLog (sfql) - Show all log entries for a single quest.

ShowHeadTrackTarget (sheadt) - Show the head track target if set from look function.

ShowInventory (inv) - Shows reference inventory.

ShowPivot (sp) - Puts a temporary yellow plus at the pivot point of the selected reference.

ShowQuestLog (sql) - Show Quest Log.

ShowQuests (sq) - List quests.

ShowQuestTargets (sqt) - Show current quest targets.

ShowQuestVars (sqv) - Show quest variables. [svq QuestID].

ShowRenderPasses (srp) - Display render passes for the next frame.

ShowScenegraph (sfsg) - Create a window with the full game scene graph, open to the node corresponding to the selected reference (if any).

ShowScenegraph (ssg) - Create a window with the full game scene graph or the scene graph of the selected reference.

ShowSubtitle - Show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always).

ShowVars (sv) - Show variables on object. [player->sv]

ShowWhoDetectsPlayer (swdp) - Show who detects the player.

SpeakSound -

StartAllQuests (saq) - Starts all quests.

TestAllCells (tac) - Test All Cells (0 - stop, 1 - start, 2 - interiors, 3 - current world).

TestCode -

TestDegrade - Degrades the specified number of MB of textures. negative values degrade all possible. (only 360 builds).

TestLocalMap (tlm) - Simulates the local map. (1 or 0 for FOW on or off).

TestRaceSexTerimnal (trst) - Test race/sex menu rendered terminal.

TestSeenData (tsd) - Visually displays the current seen data.

ToggleActorMover (tam) - Toggles actor movement through pathing system.

ToggleAI (tai) -

ToggleAiSchedules (tais) -

ToggleBorders (tb) - Show border lines for each cell.

ToggleBoundVisGeom (tbvg) - Toggles bound visualization for a ref.

ToggleCastShadows (tsh) -

ToggleCellNode (tcn) - Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active.

ToggleCharControllerShape (tccs) - Toggle char controller shape type.

ToggleCollision (tcl) -

ToggleCollisionGeometry (tcg) - Show collision geometry.

ToggleCombatAI (tcai) - Toggles ALL Combat AI.

ToggleCombatDebug (tcd) Toggles combat debug info.

ToggleCombatStats (tcs) -

ToggleConversations (tconv) - Toggle conversation stats.

ToggleDebugDecal (tdd) - Toggle debug displays for decal creation : 0-Wireframe, 1-Solid, 2-Occlusion Query, 3-Transform.

ToggleDebugText (tdt) - Show debug numbers on the screen.

ToggleDecalRendering (tdr) - Toggle decal rendering.

ToggleDepthBias (tdb) - Toggles depth bias for decals on or off.

ToggleDetection (tdetect) -

ToggleDetectionStats (tds) - Show the detection stats of the current seletected Ref.

ToggleEmotions (temo) - Toggle NPC facial emotions.

ToggleEOFImageSpace (teofis) - Toggles end of frame imagespace effects.

ToggleFlyCam (tfc) - Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam).

ToggleFogOfWar (tfow) - Turns fog of war on or off.

ToggleFootIK (tfik) - Toggles Foot IK system.

ToggleFullHelp (tfh) - Toggle Full Help.

ToggleFullScreenMotionBlur (tfsmb) - Toggles Full screen motion blur.

ToggleGodMode (tgm) - Toggle God mode.

ToggleGrabIK (tgik) - Toggles Grab IK system.

ToggleGrass (tg) - Toggle grass display.

ToggleGrassUpdate (tgu) -

ToggleHDRDebug (thd) - Toggles HDR debug textures.

ToggleHighProcess (thighprocess) -

ToggleLeaves (tlv) -

ToggleLiteBrite (tlb) - Toggles lite brite render mode.

ToggleLODLand (tll) -

ToggleLookIK (tlik) - Toggles Look IK system.

ToggleLowProcess (tlowprocess) -

ToggleMagicStats (tms) -

ToggleMaterialGeometry (tmg) - Show material geometry.

ToggleMenus (tm) - Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots.

ToggleMiddleHighProcess (tmhighprocess) -

ToggleMiddleLowProcess (tmlowprocess) -

ToggleMultiboundCheck (mbc) - Toggle all Multibound check functionality.

ToggleNavMesh (tnm) - Toggle blocked display.

ToggleOcclusion (tocc) - toggle occlusion query for geometry.

TogglePathingInfoFunction (tpi) - Toggle pathing information.

TogglePathLine (tpl) - Toggle path display.

TogglePrimitives (tpr) -

ToggleRagdollAnim (tra) - Toggles Ragdoll Anim system.

ToggleRefractionDebug (trd) - Toggles refraction debug render texture.

ToggleSafeZone (tsz) - Display the television 85%% safe zone.

ToggleScripts (tscr) - Turn Script processing on/off.

ToggleShadowVolumes (tsv) -

ToggleSky (ts) -

ToggleSPURenderBatch (tspurb) - Toggles the SPU render batch on or off.

ToggleSPUTransformUpdate (tsputu) - Toggles the SPU transform update on or off.

ToggleTestLight (ttl) - Toggle test light (radius, magnitude).

ToggleTrees (tt) - Turn trees on/off .

ToggleVATSLight (tvl) - Toggle VATS Light.

ToggleWaterRadius (twr) -

ToggleWaterSystem (tws) - Toggles the water system.

ToggleWireframe (twf) - Show the world as wireframe.

Verbose - Toggle verbose combat/AI messages.

WasteMemory (wm) - Allocates some memory (in MB).

WaterDeepColor (deep) - Modifies water deep color.

WaterReflectionColor (refl) - Modifies water reflection color.

WaterShallowColor (shallow) - Modifies water shallow color.

The next page takes a look at how we can use the most useful of the above commands to do some neat things and resolve common problems.