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Far Cry Tweak Guide

[Page 10] Console Commands

To open the console in Far Cry, press the ~ key. You can use the same key again to close the console. The console allows you to change many game settings and view important information during the game. Almost all the commands already detailed in this guide can be run through the console, with the addition of a \ in front of them. However many of them won't have any impact if run from the console, as they need to be changed by changing the in-game settings (See In-Game Settings section), by using the Far Cry Configuration Tool, or editing the System.cfg file (See Advanced Tweaking section).

If you want a full list of every console command and system variable used in Far Cry, type "\dumpcommandsvars" (without quotes) in the console. This will write a large text file called consolecommandsandvars.txt to your \UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry\ directory. Since the file is so long, to save you time and effort a list of the most useful working console commands is shown below with descriptions for each.

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Note: Some commands require that you enter Far Cry in Developer Mode. These are indicated with (Devmode only) next to them. See the Advanced Tweaking Section for more details on how to enable Developer Mode.

Demo Commands

\DEMO [Demoname] - Plays an existing Far Cry demo. You must first load up the same level as the one the demo was recorded on. (Devmode only).

\STOPDEMO - Stop playing demo. (Devmode only).

\RECORD [Demoname] - Starts recording of a demo. (Devmode only).

\STOPRECORDING - Stops recording of a demo. Saves the files Demoname.tmd and Demoname.log to the UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry\Levels\[Levelname] folder, where levelname is the name of the level the demo was recorded on. (Devmode only).

\DEMO_SCREENSHOT_FRAME [Framenumber] - Make a screenshot from the specified Framenumber during a demo playback. (Devmode only).

Information/Debugging Commands

\R_DISPLAYINFO [0,1] - Toggles rendering information display including Frames Per Second (FPS). 0=Off, 1=On.

\R_FLUSH - Flushes system cache and reloads textures to remove graphical anomalies. Doesn't appear to work at the moment in either mode.

\DSTATS [0,1] - Displays debugging statistics.

\MEMINFO [0,1] - Displays memory information by modules.

\MEMSTATS [0,1] - Displays extensive memory statistics. The display of this information can slow your machine down to a crawl so be careful.

\R_PROFILESHADERS [0,1] - Displays profiling information on rendered shaders. 0=Off, 1=On.

\R_SHOWVIDEOMEMORYSTATS [0,1] - Displays information about video memory usage. 0=Off, 1=On.

\S_SOUNDINFO [0,1] - Toggles onscreen sound statistics. 0=Off, 1=On. (Devmode only).

\D3D9_NV30_PS20 [0,1] - Toggles PS2.0 shaders on Nvidia NV30 graphics cards. 0-Off, 1=On. Improves image quality but reduces FPS. (Devmode only).

General Commands

\CLEAR - Clears console text.

\FOV Angle - Sets the player's visible Field of View (FOV) between 1 and 180 degrees (Devmode only).

\LOAD_GAME [Gamename] - Loads a previously saved game with the given Gamename.

\SAVE_GAME [Gamename] - Saves the current game with the given Gamename. Use LOAD_GAME to load this game. Can be used for Quicksaving outside of the automatic save points.

\LOAD_LASTCHECKPOINT - Loads the player at the last checkpoint reached.

\CL_DISPLAY_HUD [0,1] - Toggles the Heads Up Display (HUD). 0=Off, 1=On.

\HUD_CROSSHAIR [0,1] - Toggles whether the crosshair is drawn onscreen or not. 0=Off, 1=On.

\AI_IGNOREPLAYER [0,1] - Toggles whether the AI can detect the player or not. 0=Off, 1=On. (Devmode only).

\AI_SOUNDPERCEPTION [0,1] - Toggles the AI's ability to perceive player-based sounds. 0=Off, 1=On. (Devmode only).

\E_TERRAIN_LOD_RATIO [0-5] - Determines the rate at which distant terrain features are removed/displayed on screen. Default is 5, but setting to 0 will ensure the most detailed terrain. The lower the setting, the lower your FPS in outdoor areas but the more vegetation will be visible in the distance.

\CL_MOTIONTRACKER [0,1] - Toggles the motion tracker mode on the binoculars. 0=Off, 1=On.

\CL_MSG_NOTIFICATION [0, 1] - Toggles the HUD messages sound notification. 0=Off, 1=On.

\R_SHOWLINES [0,1] - Toggles visibility of wireframe overlay. 0=Off, 1=On (Devmode only).

\THIRDPERSONANGLE [Angle] - Sets the angle at which the camera views player in 3rd person mode. (Devmode only).

\THIRDPERSONRANGE [Range] - Sets the range of the 3rd person camera (when in 3rd person mode) from the player. Ranges from 0 to 7 meters. (Devmode only)

\QUIT - Exits Far Cry.

Multiplayer Commands

Note: If you've installed the official 1.4 Patch (See page 4), then make sure to refer to the file Server_Command_Table.pdf in your \Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Support\Manual\ direcotry for additional Server and Multiplayer-related commands.

\CL_CMDRATE [Rate] - Limit the number of command packets sent from client to server in bits per second.

\CL_UPDATERATE [Rate] - Limit the number of update packets sent from the server in bits per second.

\CL_MAXRATE [Rate] - Maximum bits per second sent from client to server in bits per second.

\CL_PASSWORD [Password] - Sets the client password to join a password protected server. It must match the server password otherwise you will get disconnected.

\CL_PUNKBUSTER [0,1] - Enables PunkBuster for client, 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled.

\CL_RCON_PASSWORD [Password] - RCon (Remote Control) client password to allow connection to the RCon for the server.

\CL_RCON_PORT [Port] - RCon port number. Default is 49001.

\CL_RCON_SERVERIP [RconServerIP] - RCon IP Address.

\CONNECT [ServerIP] - Connects to the specified multiplayer server IP supplied.

\RECONNECT - Reconnects to the most recent multiplayer server.

\DISCONNECT - Breaks the client connection with the current multiplayer server.

\UBILOGIN - Connects to the game service.

\UBILOGOUT - Disconnects from game service.

\UNBAN [PlayerID] - Removed the ban from the specified player. Use \LISTBAN to get a list of banned IPs.

\BAN [Playername] - Bans specified player from the server. Use \LISTPLAYERS command to get list of playernames.

\BANID [PlayerID] - Bans specified player from the server. Use \LISTPLAYERS command to get list of player IDs.

\KICK [Playername] - Kicks the specified player from the server. Use \LISTPLAYERS command to get list of playernames.

\KICKID [PlayerID] - Kicks the specified player from the server. Use \LISTPLAYERS command to get list of player IDs.

\LISTBAN - Lists current banned IDs on the server.

\LISTPLAYERS - Lists current players on the server by name and ID.

\RCON_CONNECT - Connects to the RCon (Remote Control) server.

\RCON [Command] - Execute a console command on a RCon (Remote Control) server.

\SV_CHANGEMAP [Mapname, Gametype] - Changes to the specified map and game type. If no gametype is specified, the current gametype is used.

\SV_DEDICATEDMAXRATE [Rate] - Changes the server update speed in bits per second for dedicated servers.

\SV_RELOADMAPCYCLE - Reloads the mapcycle file, specified in the sv_mapcyclefile cvar.

\SV_RESTART [time] - Restarts the game in the number of seconds specified.

\SV_MAXCMDRATE [Rate] - Limits the maximum command rate clients can specify in bits per second.

\SV_MAXRATE [Rate] - Limits the cl_rate allowed on internet clients in bits per second.

\SV_MAXRATE_LAN [Rate] - Limits the cl_rate allowed on LAN clients in bits per second.

\SV_MAXUPDATERATE [Rate] - Limit the maximum updates clients can specify in bits per second.

\SV_NETSTATS [0,1,2,3] - Toggles network statistics. 0=Off, 1=Display net statistics, 2=Display an updatecount graph, 3=Display both.

\SV_PASSWORD [Password] - Specifies the server password in a multiplayer game. Specifying a null string means, no password.

\SV_PORT [Portnumber] - Sets the server port for a multiplayer game. Default is 49001.

\SV_PUNKBUSTER [0,1] - Enables PunkBuster for server. 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled.

\SV_RCON_PASSWORD [Password] - Specifies RCon (Remote Control) server password. If there is no password specified RCon is not activated for this server.

\SV_SERVERTYPE [Lan, Ubi] - Specifies the server connection type 'UBI' or 'LAN'.

The next section covers a few neat things you can do with Far Cry, and brings the guide to its conclusion