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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tweak Guide

[Page 11] Console Commands

This section contains all the console commands for Oblivion. To activate the in-game console, first check that the bAllowConsole setting in your Oblivion.ini file is set to 1, which it should be by default (See Advanced Tweaking section above). Next, start Oblivion and load up a game. To open or close the console at any time, press the '~' key (the key above TAB). This may vary on some european keyboards, in which case try the ' button, or the button next to 1 to open your console.

While the console is open the game will be paused, your HUD will disappear, and you will notice a thin white horizontal cursor prompt in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You can type in any of the console commands below in long form or use the short form if one is provided (in brackets). For example, you can either type in togglewireframe or twf and press ENTER, and the command to turn wireframe mode on/off will be executed. See the next page for details of how to use specific useful commands.

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Below are all the major console commands for Oblivion. You can also download the full list from here: (4KB). Note that the descriptions are those that the developers have written with a few minor modifications by me:

AddDecal -

AddFaceAnimNote (afan) -

Autosave - Saves current game to your Autosave slot

Bat - Executes batch file [e.g. bat test.txt]

BeginTrace (bt) - Creates a trace file (XBox only)

BetaComment (bc) -

CalcLowPathToPoint (lp2p) -

CenterOnCell (coc) -

CenterOnExterior (coe) -

CenterOnWorld (cow) - [e.g. COW worldname -10 5]

ClearAdaptedLight (cal) - Clears the HDR adapted light texture

ClearScreen (cls) - Clears text from console

CloseFile -

CompleteAllQuestStages (caqs) - Sets all quest stages

Disable - The selected NPC or Object will be removed from the game. Use Enable command to add them back

DumpTexturePalette (dtp) - Dump texture palette contents to warning file

Enable - Adds back an NPC or Object removed using the Disable command

EnableFast - EnableFastTravel

FlushNonPersistActors (flush) - Deletes all the actors in High who are not persistant

ForceWeather (fw) - Forces the active weather to the specified type, without transition

FreezeRenderAccumulation (fra) - Only re-render geometry visible during this frame

GetIgnoreFriendlyHits (gifh) -

GetINISetting (getini) -

HairTint -

Help - Shows some help dialog

Kill -

KillAllActors (killall) -

LoadGame (load) - Loads a saved game [e.g. load ]

ModPCAttribute (modpca) - Modify an actor value [e.g. modpca luck, 10]

ModPCSkill - (modpcs) - Modify the player's skill [e.g. modpcs blunt, 10]

ModScale - Modify the scale of an object

ModWaterShader (mws) - Modifies water shader settings

MoveToQuestTarget (movetoqt) - Move player to current quest target (optional param: target number)

OutputArchiveProfile (oap) - Output Archive profile info to a file

OutputLocalMapPictures (olmp) - Writes out the current local map

OutputMemContexts (omc) - Output Mem Context info to a file

OutputMemStats (oms) - Output Mem Stats info to a file

PickRefByID (prid) - Select a reference by id for the console

PlayBink - Plays Bink movie file

Player.payfine - Pays off all outstanding bounties

Player.placeatme - Summons an NPC with the stated ID Number

PlayerSpellBook (psb) - Add all spells to player

PlayMagicEffectVisuals (pme) -

PlayMagicShaderVisuals (pms) -

PrintAiList (pai) - Printed Ai Lists

PrintHDRParam (php) - Prints current HDR settings

PrintNPCDialog (pdialog) - Prints NPC dialog

PurgeCellBuffers (pcb) - Forcibly unloads all unattached cells in cell buffers

QuiteGame (qqq) - Exit game without going through menus

Refreshini (refini) - Refresh INI settings from Oblivion.ini file

RefreshShaders - Reload HLSL shaders from disk

ReloadCurrentClimate (rcc) - Reloads values from the current climate

ReloadCurrentWeather (rcw) - Reloads values from the current weather

ReleaseWeatherOverride (rwo) -

ReloadCurrentClimate (rcc) - Reloads values from the current climate

ReloadCurrentWeather (rcw) - Reloads values from the current weather

Reset3DState -

ResetHealth -

ResetMemContexts (rmc) - Reset Max Mem Contexts

ResurrectActor (resurrect) - Resurrects the selected NPC

RevertWorld (rw) - Revert the world

RunCellTest (rct) - Runs a cell test

RunMemoryPass (rmp) - Runs a cleanup memory pass

SaveGame (save) - Saves current game with a the you specify

SaveIniFiles (saveini) - Writes all the .ini files

SetActorAlpha (saa) -

SetActorRefraction (sar) -

SetCameraFOV (fov) - Change the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75

SetClipDist - New clip distance

SetDebugText (sdt) - Sets which debug text is shown

SetFog - 2 floats, start and end depths

SetGameSetting (setgs) -

SetGamma (sg) - Sets new gamma ramp

SetHDRParam (shp) - Sets various values for the HDR shader

SetIgnoreFriendlyHits (sifh) -

SetImageSpaceGlow (sisg) -

SetIniSetting (setini) - Sets an .ini value, parameters are "setting:category" value [e.g. "bAllowScreenShot:Display" 1]

SetLightingPasses (slp) - 4 (0/1) values. amb|diff|tex|spec ex: 1010

SetScale - Set the scale of an object

SetShowQuestItems -

SetSkyParam (ssp) - Sets various values for the sky

SetSTBBColorConstants (sscc) - Show speedtree billboard color tweak constants

SetTargetRefraction (str) - Sets the refractive value of the target

SetTargetRefractionFire (strf) - Sets the refractive fire value of the target

SetTreeMipmapBias (stmb) - Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards

SetWeather (sw) - Sets the active weather to the specified type

SexChange - Selected npc male become female or female becomes male

Show (tst) - Show values of script variables [e.g. show gamedayspassed]

Show1stPerson (s1st) - Show the 1st person Model from 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person it will show both

ShowAnim (sa) - Show Animation and Actor status

ShowBirthSignMenu - Lets you change character birthsign

ShowClassMenu - Lets you change character class

ShowQuestLog (sql) -

ShowFullQuestLog (sfql) - Show all log entries for a single quest

ShowHeadTrackTarget (sheadt)- Show the head track target if set from look function

ShowPivot (sp) - Puts a temporary yellow plus at the pivot point of the selected reference

ShowQuests (sq) - List quests

ShowQuestTargets (sqt) - Show current quest targets

ShowQuestVars (sqv) - Show quest variables. [e.g. svq QuestID]

ShowRaceMenu - Displays character face customization menu

ShowRenderPasses (srp) - display render passes for the next frame

ShowScenegraph (ssg) - Create a window with the full game scene graph

ShowSubSpaces (sss) - Temporarily displays subspaces

ShowSubtitle (srp) - show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always)

ShowVars (sv) - Show variables on object. [e.g. player->sv]

ShowViewerStrings (svs) -

ShowWhoDetectsPlayer (swdp) -

SpeakSound -

StartAllQuests (saq) - Starts all quests

StopCombat - Stops combat for current enemy

StopMagicEffectVisuals (sme) -

StopMagicShaderVisuals (sms) -

TakeCover - Forces a actor to move away from the target actor for a period of time

TestAllCells (tac) - Test All Cells (0 - stop, 1 - start, 2 - interiors, 3 - current world)

TestCode -

TestLocalMap (tlm) - Simulates the local map (1 or 0 for FOW on or off)

TestSeenData (tsd) - Visually displays the current seen data

ToggleAI (tai) -

ToggleAiSchedules (tais) -

ToggleBorders (tb) -

ToggleCastShadows (tsh) -

ToggleCellNode (tcn) - Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active

ToggleCharControllerShape (tccs) - Toggle char controller shape type

ToggleCollision (tcl) -

ToggleCollisionGeometry (tcg) - Show collision geometry

ToggleCombatAI (tcai) - Toggles all Combat AI

ToggleCombatStats (tcs) -

ToggleConversations (tconv) - Toggle conversation stats

ToggleDebugText (tdt) - Show debug numbers on the screen, including FPS

ToggleDetection (tdetect) -

ToggleDetectionStats (tds) - Show the detection stats of the current seletected Ref

ToggleEmotions (temo) - Toggle NPC facial emotions

ToggleFlyCam (tfc) - Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam)

ToggleFogOfWar (tfow) - Turns fog of war on or off

ToggleFullHelp (tfh) - Toggle Full Help

ToggleGodMode (tgm) - Toggle God mode

ToggleGrass (tg) - Toggle grass display

ToggleGrassUpdate (tgu) -

ToggleHDRDebug (thd) - Toggles HDR debug textures

ToggleHighProcess (thighprocess) -

ToggleLeaves (tlv) -

ToggleLiteBrite (tlb) - Toggles lite brite render mode

ToggleLODLand (tll) -

ToggleLowProcess (tlowprocess) -

ToggleMagicStats (tms) -

ToggleMapMarkers (tmm) - Toggle map markers (1 shows all, 0 hides all)

ToggleMaterialGeometry (tmg) - Show material geometry

ToggleMenus (tm) - Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots

ToggleMiddleHighProcess (tmhighprocess) -

ToggleMiddleLowProcess (tmlowprocess) -

ToggleOcclusion (tocc) - toggle occlusion query for geometry

TogglePathGrid (tpg) -

TogglePathLine (tpl) -

ToggleRefractionDebug (trd) - Toggles refraction debug render texture

ToggleSafeZone - Display the television 85% safe zone

ToggleScripts (tscr) - Turn Script processing on/off

ToggleShadowVolumes float (tsv) -

ToggleSky (ts) -

ToggleTrees (tt) - Turn trees on/off

ToggleWaterRadius (twr) -

ToggleWaterSystem (tws) - Toggles the water system

ToggleWireframe (twf) - Show the world as wireframe

TriggerHitShader (ths) -

Unlock - unlocks targeted doors or chests

Verbose - Toggle verbose combat/AI messages

WasteMemory (wm) - Allocates some memory (in MB)

WaterDeepColor (deep) - Modifies water deep color

WaterReflectionColor (refl) - Modifies water reflection color

WaterShallowColor (shallow) - Modifies water shallow color

If you know of any genuinely useful commands which are missing from the list above, please Email Me with the command and what it does, and I will update this list to include it. Please make sure to only submit working, tested console commands.

The next page provides more information on how to use the more useful of these commands, as well as how to use batch files for easy execution of multiple console commands.