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Prey Tweak Guide

[Page 4] Patches Maps & Mods

Official Patch

The latest patch for Prey has been released, bringing it up to Version 1.4. The patch weighs in at 42MB, and aside from containing all the changes from previous patches, the new patch actually contains no new fixes or content - it simply contains some compatibility files for the Japanese verison of Prey, and more importantly, it removes the disk check component of the game's copy protection.

The quickest way to check for any new patches at any time is to launch the game while online and then click the Updates link at the bottom of the main menu. I will provide details of any new patches here as soon as they are released, so check back on this guide regularly.

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No-CD Patch

Prey uses the SecuROM copy protection system and involves both a CD check and a CD Key method which is authorized online when playing the game. SecuROM is known to cause problems on some systems, and solutions are offered in the Troubleshooting Tips section. As always I cannot provide any information on how to override these protection methods due to the legality of doing so, but hopefully 3DRealms will provide a No-CD/DVD for the game as part of a future patch, as this method only punishes legitimate buyers of the game.

Update: As of the 1.4 Patch, you no longer have to keep your game CD/DVD in the drive to play Prey, as the disk check component of the copy protection has been removed.

Maps and Mods

The Doom 3 engine on which Prey is based is highly customizable and there are already a great many modding experts who have cut their teeth producing mods for Doom 3 and Quake 4 which both use the same engine. Expect to see some nice Prey mods in the near future, which I will of course report on here. Make sure you're patched to the latest version if you want all mods to run correctly on your install of Prey.

The next section of the guide covers In-Game Settings for Prey.