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UT2004 Tweak Guide

[Page 12] Console Commands & Special Moves

UT2004 Console Commands

To bring up the UT2004 console, press the ~ (tilde) key. To close the console press the ~ key again. You can type a range of commands in the console to perform tweaks, change settings or look at information. I have included a full list of console commands below, with a brief description of what each does. Note that many of these commands can be changed using the in-game settings screens and also in the .ini files.

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Player / Bot Commands

ADDBOTS [number] - Adds the specified number of bots

BEHINDVIEW 1 - Changes to third person view

BEHINDVIEW 0 - Changes to first person view

DISCONNECT - Disconnect from current server

EXIT - Quits the game

KILLBOTS - Gets rid of all bots

OPEN [IP address] - Connect to a specific server IP

OPEN [mapname] - Opens specified map

QUIT - Quits the game

RECONNECT - Reconnect to the current server

SWITCHLEVEL [mapname] - Switches to the specified level

SWITCHTEAM - Switch your player's team

SUICIDE - Kills yourself

TEAMSAY [text] - Displays your message in team chat

PLAYERSONLY - Freezes \ pauses the bots

SAY [text] - Displays your message in global chat

SETNAME [playername] - Changes your player name


MEMSTAT - Displays Windows memory usage

STAT ALL - Shows all stats

STAT AUDIO - Shows audio stats

STAT FPS - Displays your frames per second

STAT GAME - Displays game stats

STAT HARDWARE - Shows hardware stats

STAT NET - Shows network game play stats

STAT NONE - Turns off all stats

STAT RENDER - Displays rendering statistics

Demo Commands

DEMOPLAY [demoname] - Plays the specified demo

DEMOREC [demoname] - Records a demo using the demoname you type

STOPDEMO - Stop recording a demo

Admin Commands

ADMIN SWITCHLEVEL [mapname?game=gametype?mutator=mutator] - Changes the current level to the specified level, game type and mutators

ADMIN [command] - Performs the specified command

ADMINLOGIN [password] - Logs the admininstrator onto the server using the specified password

ADMINLOGOUT - Logs the administrator off the server

ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled True - Enables the remote admin webserver (after level change)

ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled False - Disables the remote admin webserver (after level change)

KICK [playername] - Kicks the specified player from the server

KICKBAN [playername] - Kicks and bans the specified player from the server using their IP address. To unban the player, edit the server.ini or use the web admin interface

Other Commands

BRIGHTNESS [number] - Changes the brightness level to the specified number

CDTRACK [number] - Plays the specified CD track number

CONFIGHASH - Displays configuration info

CONTRAST [number] - Changes the contrast level to the specified number

DEBUG CRASH - Test crashes the game with an error

DEBUG EATMEM - Tests memory allocation until full

DEBUG GPF - Test crashes the game with a general protection fault error

DEBUG RECURSE - Test crashes the game by infinite recursion

DUMPCACHE - Displays the memory gcache contents

EXEC [filename] - Executes a file in the UT2004/system/ directory by default

FLUSH - Flushes all caches and relights

FOV [number] - Changes the field of view to the specified number

GAMMA [number] - Changes the gamma level to the specified number

GETCOLORDEPTHS - Displays the maximum color depth supported by your hardware

GETCURRENTCOLORDEPTHS - Displays your current color depth

GETCURRENTRES - Displays your current resolution

GETCURRENTTICKRATE - Displays your current tick rate

GETMAXTICKRATE - Displays the maximum allowed tick rate

MUSICORDER [number] - Change to a certain track in the song (0=ambient, 1=action, 2=suspense)

NETSPEED [number] - Sets the net speed, default is 10000

OBJ CLASSES - Displays a list of object classes

OBJ GARBAGE - Collects and purges objects no longer in use

OBJ HASH - Displays object hashing statistics

OBJ LINKERS - Displays a list of active linkers

PAUSESOUNDS - Pauses all sounds

PREFERENCES - Opens advanced settings

RELAUNCH - Relaunches the engine

REPORT - Copies a report of the current game to clipboard

SET [class variable value] - Sets a specified class and specified variable with the specified value

SETSENSITIVITY [number] - Sets the mouse sensitivity to the specified number

SETRES [WxHxD] - Sets your screen resolution to the specified width, height, and color depth

SLOMO 1 - Sets the speed of the game back to normal real time speed

SLOMO 2 - Sets speed to double. Increase number to go faster

SLOMO .5 - Sets speed to half. Decrease number to go slower

SOCKETS - Displays a list of sockets in use

TOGGLEFULLSCREEN - Toggles fullscreen mode

TYPE [text] - Displays the specified text on the console

UNPAUSESOUNDS - Un-pauses all sounds

Adrenalin Combos and Special Moves

There are a range of special moves which can be performed by your character under certain circumstances. Some require that you have 100 Adrenalin. Others, like the Dodging moves require that you have the Dodge setting ticked (See In-game Settings section). You can get Adrenalin points through various methods:

Picking up a red and white adrenalin pill: 3 points

A Kill: 2 points

Headshots: 5 points

The first kill during a round (First Blood): 12 points

Killing sprees: 12 points

Adrenalin Combos:

Once your Adrenalin reaches 100 points, you will be allowed to perform one of the following special moves, the effects of which will only last for a while. The following key combinations need to be pressed in rapid succession to activate the Adrenalin effect:

Speed: Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward

Regeneration: Back, Back, Back, Back

Invisibility: Right, Right, Left, Left

Berserk: Forward, Forward, Back, Back

Special Moves:

These can be performed at any time, but require a fair bit of practice and skill to master. Remember, you need to activate the Dodge setting to use the dodge moves.

Double Jump: Jump and then press jump again in the arc of the jump

Dodge: Tap Left, Right, Forward or Back twice quickly

Dodge Jump: Perform a Dodge, and jump just before you lose your air

Wall Dodge: Run alongside a wall, jump and quickly Dodge away from it

Goo Jump: Shoot some goo from the Biorifle, get a shield up using the Shield Gun, jump just when goo explodes (You can also use the shield gun to bounce energy weapons, break your fall and of course block normal weapons.)

Lift Jump: Jump while on a lift to get an extra boost

Death from Above: If you jump from a great height and land on someone you'll cause them damage.

We're fast approaching the conclusion to this guide. The next section covers a few more neat things about UT2004, and wraps the whole show up.